It's important to be inspired.
That's probably the most important aspect of Social Media for me.
If I do not position myself to be inspired by other art and artists, 
then I'll find myself turning out the same junk over and over again. 

It's also important to know what you like.
Can you look at something - a painting, a sweater, a tea pot, a spool of yarn, or the shape of a lamp stand... and instantly... without thinking... know... this is my style. Or... This is good. This is old. This is crap.

If you are going to create, a huge part of the battle is knowing what is cool. Honestly, some people just get it... others don't. But I think we are all called to be creative - and create... therefore, put yourself in a position to be inspired. Look at the world around you. The shapes, the colors, the textures, the way his sweater fits, the way her hair is cut... take it in... learn what you like. There's no right or wrong answer when the question is: "Do I like it?" Your answer may be a resounding "YES." Mine may be a quiet "no." Either way, I think it's good to know what your style is. Be yourself. Be who God made you to be.

Here are a few things that Inspired me this morning.

Posted by Josh Maze at 9:43 AM