Today is 06.14.12. That means that it's my gorgeous wife's birthday. 
Apart from Jesus Christ, Stacie Maze is the most significant thing that has ever happened to me. And yes, she happened to me. Like Jesus, she is something that you experience. There's no forgetting her. There's no escaping her. She is a force to be reckoned with, and here are a few things that you need to know about her:

1. She had such an impact on me that the first year while we were dating, I couldn't eat anything. Literally. We would go to some of the nicest restaruants in the Jackson, MS area. I'd order the filet... take 3 bites, and feel like I was going to throw up. And many times I DID. I know throw up is gross, but seriously. She had this power over me. Scientists say that it's because mood altering endorphins are released around romantic interests... but I know good and well that those were butterflies in my stomach. This had never happened to me before. She had never happened to me before.

2. My mom told me awhile ago that she wanted two specific things in the woman I married. A] That she would be just as called to the ministry as I am. And B] That she would serve and take care of me. Stacie has excelled in both of these areas over the past two years in ways I could have never imagined. It's not just going to my sock/underwear drawer and everything always magically being clean, folded, and ready to be worn... it's the way she pours into younger girls, single moms, friends, & our city. She's a life giver. A long time ago, Stacie and I both declared that the calling on our lives was to be disciple makers. She has never backed down and always carries that vision in a way that only a true Christ-follower could. God, I love that about her.

3. She's fun. We have fun. We laugh. We dance. We sing. We live life. Before Stacie, I dated a few girls where this was not the case. Honestly, I don't think many people these days know how to have healthy, God honoring fun. She does... and I cherish that about her. If I've come home to her dancing to a Beatles vinyl once, I've done it a hundred times. 

4. Her first crush was Paul McCartney. This is a big deal. The story goes like this. "I was 10 years old or so, and I'll never forget sitting in my living room watching Beatles Anthology. Paul came on and starting singing "I wanna hold you hand" and I got this tingling feeling (See previously mentioned butterflies article). I thought to myself, this must be that love thing that everyone talks about, and I've never been the same." That story teamed up with the fact that in some circles in 2009, I was voted the person most like Paul McCartney in Mississippi - makes for a dynamic duo.

5. She lived in Africa - serving the poor and needy widows and orphans. She also lived in London - where she studied and saw over 50 plays in the west end. These two sentences can't be said about very many hot, blonde, & southern girls from the ages of 21-28. Because of this, she immediately became a prime candidate for marriage and reproduction. Our kids are gonna be awesome. She's gonna be an amazing mom.

6. She choses to love me. She chose to love me a long time ago, and still does everyday. She shows me her love. She shows me by being kind, patient, and respectful. She thinks about me... What I need... What I want. She considers me... my thoughts... feelings... She's an active lover. She's always in the game. She's mostly selfless and always passionate. Love is a choice. She chose me... and I choose her. 

Stacie, I love you with all of my heart. Always will.

Happy birthday.

Posted by Josh Maze at 10:48 AM