I was an unplanned pregnancy. Though my scared, 19-year old mom never considered an abortion; she still needed support, help, and most of all - unconditional love. This drives everything I do at my job. 

I constantly think about Life Choices being a place that I wish my mother could have visited. The young girl or the woman who is in the midst of a crisis pregnancy, no matter the circumstance, is always on my mind. God has given me such a deep love for her. It does not matter to me how she got there or her life circumstance. All I can see is Christ’s love for her as his daughter, and also his love for her child. I do not think that any child is a mistake... Praise God my mom didn’t see me as a mistake. Praise God my dad didn’t see me as a mistake and push my mother towards as abortion. Praise God my mother’s parents didn’t see me as a mistake and threaten her to have an abortion. 

Sadly this story is not common for many women in our community. The baby is viewed as a problem or an inconvenience and either the mom has decided on termination or those around her have forced her to consider it. I love fighting for justice and for equality, and every day I am so very honored that God has clearly called me to fight for LIFE… what is more important?! 

Fast forward 30 years… my mom is my best friend. Our relationship is very special. She was even my Matron of Honor in my wedding. I have had the privilege of hearing her counsel young girls who were in an unplanned pregnancy. I love when she tells them to look at me and look at our relationship. She encourages them to think beyond their present reality, which is scary and uncertain. She encourages them to think long term and have Kingdom perspective.  They begin to think about the future and think about that baby being in their life, and the relationship they will have. It is beautiful. Life is beautiful. 

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
John 10:10

- Stacie Maze

My wife, Stacie is the Director of Ministry Relations at Life Choices Memphis.
I couldn't be more proud of her, or the work she is doing in our city.
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Posted by Josh Maze at 12:06 PM